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Licensing, Privacy & Legal

This website is a project of Martin Fitzpatrick, registered in the Netherlands with the KvK 66435102 (legal entity name Martin Fitzpatrick). You can contact me with any questions via


Digital products are sold through a number of partners, including Payhip, & OnlineCourseHost. is the Merchant of Record for orders sold through them. Paddle handles customer service inquiries and returns.


All tutorial content is licensed CC-BY-NC-SA, meaning you should feel free to use, re-use and share it with attribution for non-commercial purposes. Code samples are provided under a MIT/BSD license and are free to use in your own projects (including commercial applications). Alternative licensing is available on request via


I take your privacy seriously. On 25 May 2018 GDPR legislation came into effect in the EU and that is a good thing as we now have well-defined rights to how our personal information is used.

This page outlines the data we may hold on you, where it is held, and how you can control it. The following applies to this website, course platform and mailing list, as well as any other associated sites we may create in the future.

This site has no requirement for you to divulge your real identity in order to use our services. If you have particular concerns for your privacy you may wish to use a unique-to-this-service pseudonym and email address.

If you have any questions regarding this policy do not hesitate to get in touch.

Who we are

This website is a project of Martin Fitzpatrick, a sole-proprietor registered in the Netherlands (KvK 66435102). Full contact details can be found in the government registration. Privacy or legal-related questions should be directed to

Martin Fitzpatrick is the data controller for the processing of personal data in relation to the education and communication services we provide.

What information do we collect?

Use of the website does not require any personally identifiable information. For the sale of courses and other products we collect your email address. The mailing list requires an active email address.

How do we use personal information?

Personal information is used solely the provision of services which you purchase or opt-in to. The provision of this information is optional and not required for the general use of the site and any non-commercial activities.

Account administration

In order to access video courses, materials or other media you require accounts. These require an active email and optionally a name, although pseudonyms are accepted. These uses of your email can be ended at any time by closure and deletion of your account.

Email marketing, communication

Subscribing to one of our mailing lists requires you to provide an active email to receive the content. All mailing lists may contain a mix of content and marketing material (links to for-purchase content) and may track your interaction with these. These uses of your email may be ended at any time by unsubscribing from the relevant list. To remove all history of such interactions submit a right to removal request via

Emails sent following a purchase will be limited to provision of support and associated services. General and other marketing lists will require specific and seperate opt-in, in accordance with the consent regulations.

Providing goods and services

Purchases of courses or subscription services requires an active email address for the delivery of said content. These emails are retained after purchase and may be used for customer support, email marketing or the provision of associated services (upgrades, corrections etc.). These uses of your email may be ended at any time by submitting a right to removal request via Note that doing so will prevent you from receiving future updates.

What legal basis do we have for processing your personal data?

Personal information required for the provision of purchased services is processed under the legal basis of contract. This site requires an active email address in order to provide purchased media content or to provide access to purchased courses and subscriber accounts.

Emails used for general mailing and marketing lists operate under the basis of consent and require a specific opt-in. No personal information associated with the provision of services will be used for any other purposes without the explicit consent of the user.

When do we share personal data?

Personal data is not shared outside of the platforms used to provide our services. No personally identifiable information will be shared with external parties with the exception of —

  • where you have explicity given consent for us to do so
  • where required by law enforcement

If either of the above is a concern to you, we recommend you do not use your real identity on our services.

Where do we store and process personal data?

All data hosting is off-site, utilising 3rd party services. The hosting locations for data within the EU are as follows:

Your personal data will be transferred out of the EU if you make use of paid services from me including, but not limited to, course and book purchases. In these cases transfer is necessary for the performance of the contract between you and us (article 49.1 (b) of the GDPR). The providers which we share your data with are as follows:

  • Purchases of books and other media via Payhip requires Payhip to receive (from you) your email, name and payment details. Credit care transactions are processed by Stripe.

How do we secure personal data?

Data is stored in 3rd party services secured by 2-factor authentication (2FA) where available, to which only I have access. These organisations adhere to the relevant legislation regarding data security and maintain ongoing backups of all data. See the following policy documents for details —

How long do we keep your personal data for?

Personal data is held only as long as necessary for the functioning of your accounts and provision of services as purchased or opted-into by yourself. Deletion of tutoring or mailing list accounts will remove your data from live data stores immediately. However, data may persist in backups for up to 1 year from date of requested removal.

Your rights in relation to personal data

We extend the rights of access and erasure to all visitors, not just those resident within the European Union. However, this does not imply legal liability.

If you would like to see what personal data we hold on you, simply contact us via from the associated email address. Subject access requests will be completed within 1 month as required by law.

While unlikely, we reserve the right to omit certain information from disclosure where we find doing so would expose personal data of another person. If this is the case we will inform you at the time of disclosure.

To request erasure of your data contact us via from the associated email address. Requests for erasure will be completed within 1 month as required by law. We reserve the right to refuse to delete data which we are required to keep by law.

Removal of consent for emails and other communications can be managed directly by opting out and unsubscribing as appropriate. If you have any issues in doing this, do not hesitate to get in touch.

Use of automated decision-making and profiling

No automated decision making or profiling is performed using personally identifiable information.

Automated emailing services are used, based on purchase history and other interactions with our content. These emails can be stopped at any time by unsubscribing from the relevant list. To remove all history of your interactions, submit a erasure request via

How to contact us?

If you have questions or concerns about our privacy practises, your personal information or if you wish to file a complaint, you can contact me at

Use of cookies and other technologies

Cookies are required for account login, course platform and purchases. Additional cookies may be set by our CDN for load-balancing purposes. Third-party cookies may also be set from —

  • Google Analytics — to collect site usage statistics
  • Plausible Analytics — to collect site usage statistics
  • Google AdSense — on-site advertising blocks
  • Mailerlite — mailing list subscriptions and signup forms
  • Paddle — course purchases, social tracking
  • Image hosting platforms including Imgur

All 3rd party cookies may be blocked without interrupting use of our site. If you opt to allow Google Adsense advertising, you may wish to consider using the "Ad Choices" widget to disable user-tracking and personalised recommendations.

Linking to other websites / third party content

Links to external sites, or inclusion of third party content in the site should not be construed as endorsement of said content or the third party. We may link to something because it's rubbish or stupid.