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Create GUI Applications with PyQt5: Video Course

Take your first steps building GUI applications with Python.

Get Started Building GUI Apps with Python & Qt5

This introductory PyQt5 video course features 2.5 hours of video taking you through key PyQt5 features and example apps.

First principles to a real app

This course will take you from the very first principles of creating GUI applications with Python through to building a real functional web browser with PyQt5.

No previous GUI programming knowledge required.

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Course curriculum

  • 1
    • Installing PyQt5 on Windows
    • Installing PyQt5 on Linux
    • Installing PyQt5 on macOS
  • 2
    Getting Started with PyQt5
    • Creating a Window
    • Layouts
    • Widgets
    • Signals, Slots & Events
    • Actions, Toolbars & Menus
    • Dialogs
    • Creating Multiple Windows in PyQt5
  • 3
    Build Your Own Web Browser (PyQt 5.5)
    • Web Browser
    • Navigation
    • Help
    • File Operations
    • Printing
    • Tabbed Browsing